10 Million Dollars In 4 Years — How Samia Gore Disrupted The Supplement Industry

Samia Gore is the founder and CEO of the wellness and supplement company, BODY Complete Rx. The company was founded out of solving her own problem. She is a mom of four and she was on a journey to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight and to feel back to her normal self. She documented her whole journey publicly on social media and shared the workout routines and supplements she was using.

While on her journey she tried to find plant based supplements, but she couldn’t find any on the market, so she made her own. She had a lot of success with it, and her followers who were using her product were having success with it and that’s when it clicked with her that she could have something. It also grew to be about living a full and healthy lifestyle, not just about weight management. That’s when her brand started to take shape.

In four years her company has now generated over $10 million, and that all started with $5,000 from Samia’s own pocket. She owns 100% of her company with no investors.

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For most people looking to start their own business they tend to focus on solving other people’s problems. But a good place to start is to solve your own problems. As Samia shares, going into something that is a part of your life and something you are passionate about can make you more successful.

Your excitement and passion will show in how you run the business and it will be contagious to your customers. When you build something for other people’s problems over time you may become uninterested in it.

Because Samia was using her product in her own life she can be a more authentic and natural ambassador for her brand. And people respond to her excitement about the product.

Supplements are a tough industry to break into, it’s already so crowded with products and it’s mostly male-dominated. Samia says she benefited from not looking at what anyone else was doing. She didn’t know what she didn’t know. She didn’t look at how many women were in the industry or how many black women were in the industry. She didn’t focus on that, she was just doing something that she loved and she says she kept her blinders on.

While it can be beneficial to know who your competitors are and how crowded the market is, there is also something to be said about putting blinders on, not paying too much attention to others, and just doing your thing. Looking around at others may make you second guess yourself or feelings of doubt and fear.

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Samia is passionate about health and wellness and understands that it is critical for everyone to focus on, especially entrepreneurs.

“It’s always critical that we’re taking care of ourselves inside as much as we try to take care of ourselves on the outside. Like a lot of us women you know, we like to put on our makeup and our lipstick and everything on the outside but then we go throughout our day and, you know, not really feed the inside of ourselves properly, right with everything, whether that be just from, you know, meditation, spiritual healing, everything from the inside out.”

How can we be fully present as parents, as friends, and as entrepreneurs if we aren’t taking care of ourselves.

As entrepreneurs it can be easy to put our own health and wellness on the back burner because we are so wrapped up in building the business, wearing dozens of hats, plus raising kids and having social lives. It’s tough. But if you don’t put in the effort to take care of yourself everything else will suffer.

If you stay up late every single night working, you won’t be your best self during the day. If you don’t eat healthy and workout you will be more susceptible to feeling sluggish, tired, frustrated, and sick. It’s so critical to focus on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Samia was able to fund her own business with $5,000 and she hasn’t had any investors. She highly recommends that if you are an entrepreneur and you’re able to self-fund your business, that you do. Being able to own 100% of your business for as long as you possibly can is a huge benefit.

When you first start out 10% of your company may not seem like a lot, but think about when your company grows — 10% of $50 million a quarter is a huge chunk. And if you have to get funding, look at working capital companies like PayPal and Shopify that will give you funding based on your revenue and you pay a percentage of that back, but they don’t take any ownership of the company.

And if you have a job and you’re able to start your business as a side hustle, that can be a great way to start it without getting outside money.

“I didn’t receive a lot of offers, or any offers really, initially for investment or funding, which technically forced me to bootstrap my business, right, because I wasn’t out looking for funding, and nobody was coming to me offering me funding. So I was forced to bootstrap. But now I’m in a position where we’ve been able to grow the business where it’s no longer a forced situation. So it’s more so if I decide to partner with the investor, it’s a decision that I was making, you know, based on what I see that the investor could bring to the table besides just on financial investment. So that’s something that’s really cool.”


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